FTR – Full Thai Rules

Kicks, punches, knees, elbows, clinching and sweeps are all allowed techniques. One fighter must be active in clinch.

A 10-point Must system is awarded to each boxer over 3 or 5 rounds.

Forbidden: Headbutts, biting, strikes to the spine, genitals or joints of the leg, hip throws, attacks to opponent on the ground.

KGP – Kickboxing Grand Prix

A 10-point Must system
is used over 3 or extra rounds if declared a draw.

1.All western style boxing techniques.

2.Spinning back fist.

3.All eastern and western kickboxing techniques with use of foot and knee.

4.Kicking inside outside leg kicks.

5.Grabbing neck with one hand grapple and throwing knee to body or head is allowed, but must release as knee is thrown. Cannot grapple and hold.

6.When fighter attempts to throw body kick, opponent can counter by grabbing leg. Must release on impact when coming through with punch to head or body.

7. Flying knees.

Forbidden: Elbows, hammer punch, clinching with two hands, groin strikes, biting, holding opponent arm, head- butting, strikes to joints or back area or spine or neck, throws, oor Strikes.