“Repeat or Revenge” Big fight is announced by the promoter Mr. Pavlos Kaponis for the MTGP12 that will take place in Athens! Nikos Grantzidis vs Niko Dopi! Gratzidis is a fighter that has made fantastic appearances in Greece, Europe, Thailand and Hong Kong and has once won the MTGP WMC belt! However, on a past event, Dopi has managed to overcome his value and win the WKN belt! Grantzidis is thirsty for this rematch and Dopi wants this game to prove that his win was no luck and win the ticket to the next WMC event that will take place in Athens, in March 2018! Will Grantzidis straighten up this open case or will Dopi manage to win the champ for a second time? December the 3rd, MTGP12 Athens. Fights that built careers!

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