On September 22nd 2017, the Indigo O2 in London is going to read 10 points on the Richter scale as an earthquake of a promotion Phoenix 3 lands in the UK!

You wanna know the magnitude of this show?

I’ll tell you…

It’s pulled 2 of the best fighters the UK has ever seen come out of retirement, to face world class superstars!!!

We see not only one of the best fighters of a generation and sorely missed Stephen Wakeling return to the ring to face the powerful Cheikh Sidibe from France, but the current Radjadamern champion Youssef Boughanem lands on UK soil and the opportunity to fight the very best in the world was too much for one man…. The awesome Reece McAllister steps up out of retirement at 2 week notice and returns to the ring where he belongs!

A rare opportunity to see these superstars of the sport in the UK and a massive coup for the promotion. As a fight fan first and foremost, you could only dream of these fights happening, so wake up, it’s all happening!!

If you’ve never seen Stephen Wakeling or Reece McAllister fight, this could be the last opportunity your ever get, don’t let life pass you by without seeing them!!

The co-main events would headline most shows, the much loved Alex Bublea represents the UK via his native country Romania, in what could be his hardest test to date against Xie Wei from China and fresh from beating Thailands Pakorn Charlie boy Peters takes on Azize Hlali from France.

Professional MMA bouts see the famous Mikes gym in Holland bring Anissa Haddaoui in another international bout against Anonina Shevchenko from Peru and Pavel Doroftei v Saulo Cavalari from Brazil.

A testament to the evolution of the UK fight scene sees the preliminary Muaythai fights of Nathan Benson (UK) v Ahmad Ondash (Lebanon)
Leyton Collymore (UK) v Rafael Fiziev (Kyrgyzstan)
The UK giant Daniel Sam v Steven Banks (USA) in a Super Heavyweight explosion!

Preliminary MMA fights of
Steve Aimbale (UK) v Chase Morton (UK)
Alfie Davis (UK) v Youssef Wehbe (Lebanon)
Ashleigh Grimshaw (UK) v Izzeddin Derbani (Jordan)
Bola Omoyele (UK) v Moise Rimbon (Fra)

All 4 corners of the globe are brought together in London for a night of action that cannot fail to live up to expectations.

The Premier League of fighters will be ready and will be there, make sure you all are to, to witness something very special indeed!

See you all there! It’s Phoenix 3 at the Indigo O2 London!!!