The MTGP & KGP Online Awards 2017 

Thank you all for voting. We received a mammoth total of 15k votes for the eight selected categories of nominees. Please see below the public online poll results. Congratulations to all the winners.



MTGP Fighter of the Year

Kostas Sarkiris (Nas Camp, Greece)

Runner Up: Elias Mahmoudi (France)


KGP Fighter of the Year

Giannakis Papadopoulos (Arena TC, Greece)

Runner Up: Kelly Haynes (UK)


KO of the Year

Micael Calunga (Double K, UK)

{v Nikos Grantzidis @MTGP9}

Runner Up: Shane O’Neill (Ireland) {v Alex Singh @MTGP9}


Fight of the Year

Shane O’Neill (Ireland) & Alex Singh (UK)


Runner Up: T Koukoufikis & N Grantzidis (@MTGP8)


Semi-Pro Fighter of the Year

Phil Casper (Bloodline, UK)

Runner Up: Christoforos Katsouris (Greece)


Coach of the Year

Paul Marut (Bloodline, UK)

Runner Up: Tony Davis (UK)


Breakthrough Fighter of the Year

Pantelis Samprovalakis (Diamond Camp Crete, Greece)

Runner Up: Micael Calunga (UK)


MTGP Staff Award of the Year

Pavlos Kaponis (MTGP Promoter, Greece)

Runner Up: Natalia Rakowska (MTGP UK)

A big thank you to everyone who voted and to let the guys know their efforts do not go un-noticed inside the MTGP arena and behind the scenes the past year. Keep a look out for frequent announcements in the first quarter of the new year.


We will see you in 2018!