Contender Cup – Rules



Preliminary – 3 x 1.5 minutes (Adult)

Preliminary – 3 x 1 minutes (Junior)

Final – 3 x 2 minutes


Thai rules apply.

No elbows allowed throughout the tournament.  The scoring is based on the following:

  • A boxer wins the round when hitting more with Muay Thai skills than the opponent.
  • A boxer wins the round when using more forceful Muay Thai skill than the opponents.
  • A boxer wins the round when showing less exhaustion and less damage.
  • A boxer wins the round when showing more aggression.
  • A boxer wins the round when having the better Muay Thai style.
  • A boxer wins the round when having less infringement of the rules.

Junior Tournament please note:

12 years and under no heads shots.  13 and over, heads shots are aloud.  Head guards will be worn.
Body shields will be worn for the 10 years and under categories.  11 and 12 years old body shield will be optional.
Shinpads, body shields and head guards will not be supplied for the kids section. Only foam type shin pads allowed.

Point Scoring System

All preliminary bouts will be scored by the referee. Finals will be scored by three independent judges. Bouts scored on 10 point must system.

Referee does not have to give a warning to begin to deduct points; this is down to the referee’s discretion in the preliminary bouts. Referee will give 1 warning, 2nd warning (point deducted) 3rd warning (disqualification) this rule applies in the final bout.

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