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In the Spring of 2015 Double K Gym (Nak Muay) and Team Tieu (Super Muaythai Championships) formed the Muay Thai Grand Prix.

A new promotion featuring the hottest Muay Thai and K-1 talent from around the globe.

Nak Muay fight series have promoted 5 events in Essex, UK whilst Super Muay Thai Championships have promoted 18 in London, UK and are considered the two best events in the south of UK.

Muay Thai Grand Prix is currently held at the famous Indigo at the O2 Arena London, which has held already some classic matches such as Steve Wakeling vs Artem Levin, Michael Dicks vs Palung Chon Pumpanmuang, Michael Wakeling vs Pajunsuk, Michael Wakeling vs Craig Jose, Greg Wooton vs Luke Turner, Salah Abdelsalam vs Brad Stanton, Reece Mcallister vs Charlie Peters and many more. It is considered one of the best fight venues in the UK.

Super MTC and Nak Muay events will now officially be qualifiers for the MTGP – to create genuine champions.

Aside a tournament there will be some huge fights and will feature some of Britains best in domestic matches, international and rematches.

MTGP’s sister event is known as ‘The Contender Cup’ which features a tournament for both male and female fighters under 10 fights in their respected weight division. The event is for upcoming fighters to showcase their talents and to qualify for future events under the MTGP brand’s umbrella.

MTGP have also launched their ‘Road To MTGP’ fight night event in May of 2017.

For more information please contact info@muaythaigp.com